Hip-Politics seeks to mobilize the political power of the Hip-Hop generation. The intersectionality of Hip-Hop and Politics is the key to unlocking the collective force of millions of people around the world. Hip-Politics aims to educate and direct the voice of the Hip-Hop community to organize and create effective political and social justice campaigns.


The largest generation is Hip-Hop. As an art form that has spanned more than 40 years, Hip-Hop is a culture that has influenced, defined, and connected multiple generations around the globe. Hip-Hop is a culture built on innovation, self-expression, and the constant redefining of cool. Hip-hop has been a productive disruptive force in popular culture that has influenced every aspect of our lives. Hip-Hop is the lens through which the world sees its own reflection.

Hip-Hop is our political party!

Political Power of


Hip-Hop targets the most coveted demographic for major political parties. Hip hop has a large influence over people under 65 across black, Latinx, and white demographics.


Hip-Hop Artists in Politics

Voting doesn’t make you a revolutionary. But voting can help affect policy. I am pro-justice and freedom and I’m pro using all the tools we have. Voting included. - Talib Kweli