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The Health Impacts of COVID-19 on Women: Building More Equitable Health Systems through Global Cooperation

Hip-Politics teamed up with the Women in Global Health for the virtual forum entitled The Health Impacts of COVID-19 on Women: Building More Equitable Health Systems through Global Cooperation. The online forum brought together leading women advocates in the area of global health to discuss and offer solutions on how we build more equitable health systems for women.  The panel was moderated by Loyce Pace of the Global Health Council.   

Watch the Forum Here

2019 Hip-Politics

Annual Awards Reception

The Hip-Politics Annual Awards Reception is a celebration of elected African-American officials and Hip-Hop artists that are utilizing their platforms to mobilize the Hip-Hop generation to become more engaged in the political process, uplift and educate local youth, or raising the national discourse on issues that are affecting disenfranchised communities.

This annual reception takes place during the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference to highlight these individuals on a national stage among the political leaders from across the country.


Brad Jordan aka Scarface


Power to the People Award

This recognizes a political official or Hip-Hop figure that is utilizing their platform to give voice to the issues affecting our disenfranchised communities and empowering the hip-hop generation to create change.

CongressmanHakeem Jeffries

Blueprint Award

This honors a person that has created an organization or movement that allows for the Hip-Hop generation to emulate and be empowered to create social action and change.

Trae Tha Truth

M.C. Award

(Mobilizing Communities)

This honors a person that is actively uniting and mobilizing communities to take social action, create political change, or overcome societal roadblocks to uplift the Hip-Hop generation.

Brad 'Scarface' Jordan

What is CBCF ALC?

Each year, over 10,000 people gather in Washington, DC to discuss each intersection of black life and politics at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s (CBCF) Annual Legislative Conference (ALC). Over 100 sessions are held during the week-long conference that dives into issue areas of interest for the black community ranging from political activation to education, social justice and other areas of black interest.


Hip-Politics partnered with the D.C. Young Democrats, HBCU Collective, and X10 Friends for two nights of politico gathering to watch the July Democratic debates. Over 400 people gathered as presidential hopefuls tried to win the hearts of Americans. The events received print and broadcast coverage.



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