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Lil Wayne interviews DC Mayor to talk Trump ignorance, policing & protests

Lil Weezy is getting his CNN Anderson Cooper on! From the greatest rapper alive to the greatest reporter alive!

Rap legend Lil Wayne has evolved and now hosts one of the hottest interview platforms in Hip-Hop with his new Young Money Radio on Apple Music. He has had a steady stream of tier one guests from Jaime Foxx, The Migos, Kevin Durant, to DJ Khaled. With the nation gripped in protest and demonstrations following the murdered of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, Wayne has turned his attention to interviewing political figures as well and recently had Washington DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser.

When Lil Wayne asked about renaming the block of 16th street in front of the White House to Black Lives Matter Way, she told him that it was in an effort to show the world that in D.C. Black lives truly matter. Weezy and the mayor also shared a laugh when she admitted that Trump didn't know that D.C. police coordinate with the Secret Service all the time on how to manage large events and other demonstrations that regularly happen around the White House.

I encourage everyone to check out the interview and tune into Lil Wayne’s new platform. Wayne is super prepared in all his interviews with hard hitting, direct substantive questions (shout out to his research team) and it doesn't seem like he will be letting up anytime soon. Just like the time he declared himself “the greatest rapper alive, since the best rapper retired” Wayne is determined to carve a new lane for himself as the greatest Hip-Hop interviewer alive.


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