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What happened to Kamala Harris? Top 5 reasons she dropped out the presidential race.

This week saw Senator Kamala Harris of California bow out of the race for the Democratic Presidential nominee. She came out the gates this January scorching hot!!! Hell she had almost 20,000 people attend her campaign kick off speech in the Bay area. She looked like she was going to blitz the field and at least be there standing when the final two or three candidates were left. So her sudden departure has everyone like "WTF?!?" Now that all the political pundits and TV talking heads are beginning to do the autopsy on her campaign there are few main things that stick out as reoccurring themes to why she may have dropped out.

1. All about the benjamins - She ran out of money (If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense)

2. We are NOT rooting for everyone Black - She never got the support of Black folks polling only as high as third with Black voters. Considering she went to the greatest HBCU ( Howard) and is an AKA, her campaign probably thought Black people would be behind her with the quickness. Think again..... (Politico did a good deep dive into this issue, see here)

3. Millennials said Kamala = 12 - Young people saw her experience as the District Attorney as her being a cop on the side of those that has been locking up Black and Latinos in Cali. (See this discussion with millennial Blavity political reporter Maya Boddie where she sums it up clearly)

4. Shifting message - I pose this question to every reader: What did Kamala Harris campaign stand for? She was never ever to clearly and consistently answer this question for people around the country. When you start a campaign as a Black woman, you already have less leash than other candidates, so she needed to be able to be firm and stand on her own 2 about something.... but what that something was, nobody knows.

5. Who is steering the ship? - There have been reports since the summertime about infighting and mismanagement amongst the highest ranks of the campaign. Near the end her campaign had more leaks that than a 100 year old house in a hurricane. One senior staffer wrote a scorching but insightful article in the New York Times outline all the leadership issues within her group... right before she took a bag to help Mike Bloomberg's campaign.

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